Saturday, July 08, 2006

The SUPERSTAR's 32nd Birthday Celebration

When Nora Aunor celebrated her 32nd Birthday on her Sunday variety show Superstar, it was one of theose extraordinary episodes. It was the only night when instead of having a barrage of well wishers, the show invited some of the Superstar's closest friends and gave her a roast. First on board was direk Maryto J. de los Reyes, who told stories of how Nora in a whim sends him plane ticket to join her in Hongkong. he also mentioned bits and pieces of Nora's ever changing mind when it comes to buying a house. next up was Inday Badiday who told her personal experience when they were in the US to film A Gift Of Love. There was also Kitchie Benedicto who shared stories of taping her Superstar Show inside the Sampaguita Studios lot in the early '70's, at a time when Nora wasn't allowed to go out of the premises. The Superstar's personal secretary Andy Biag was also at the roast and shared his experiences of working up close and personal with Nora. Last up was Kuya Germs. he talked about the trials and difficulties he underwent with Nora all those years. The triumvate of Tito, Vic and Joey also graced the show along with Pop Diva Kuh Ledesma. Baby K. Jimenez also dropped by to promote her book Ang True Story Ni Guy. All in all it was one unforgettable evening of revelations, untold stories and some kept secrets about Nora's life as a Superstar.