Monday, July 31, 2006


Since Ate Guy will be in town for the weekend, I told Vincent Nebrida to let Fiel Zabat know that the Superstar is in the city. After dinner, Mama Fiel (as she is fondly called) came to the hotel and once Ate Guy saw her she rushed by her side and gave Mama Fiel a great big hug. It was quite a nostalgic reunion for the two of them. They haven't seen or even talked to each other for over twenty years. They made quite a string of memorable films together. Fiel Zabat did amazing production design in Annie Batungbakal (1979), her very first film with the Superstar followed by Bongga Ka Day! (1980), Kastilyong Buhangin (1980) Mama Fiel's personal favorite, Bakit Bughaw Ang Langit? (1981), Ibalik Ang Swerti! (1981), Totoo Ba Ang Tsismis? (1981) and Rock & Roll (1981).

Mama Fiel has a lot of fond memories working with the Superstar. Most of them were funfilled moments. I even asked if Ate Guy gave her any headaches during their shoot and she said very seldom but both of them managed to work it out amongst themselves. Mama Fiel started spilling the beans when she told us how much the Superstar hated rehearsing her dance numbers, then Ate Guy retaliated by saying how awkward she felt when she's dancing. During the last shooting day for Bongga Ka Day! in Olongapo they were supposed to film the last dance sequence when Ate Guy complained of a stomach ache and told everyone she couldn't dance. So direk Maryo packed up the set and the entire cast and crew decided to go out and drink. At about midnight, Ate Guy felt better and told Mama Fiel to let direk Maryo know that she's ready to shoot. They asked her why now? She told them Nakakahiya naman kay Nacy (Nocum), the film's producer last shooting day na di ba? With the entire cast drunk, they proceeded and shot the final dance sequence. I asked if it was the Cha-cha number where Ate Guy was wearing the red dress and Mama Fiel winked at me. So there...