Monday, July 31, 2006


Since Ate Guy will be in town for the weekend, I told Vincent Nebrida to let Fiel Zabat know that the Superstar is in the city. After dinner, Mama Fiel (as she is fondly called) came to the hotel and once Ate Guy saw her she rushed by her side and gave Mama Fiel a great big hug. It was quite a nostalgic reunion for the two of them. They haven't seen or even talked to each other for over twenty years. They made quite a string of memorable films together. Fiel Zabat did amazing production design in Annie Batungbakal (1979), her very first film with the Superstar followed by Bongga Ka Day! (1980), Kastilyong Buhangin (1980) Mama Fiel's personal favorite, Bakit Bughaw Ang Langit? (1981), Ibalik Ang Swerti! (1981), Totoo Ba Ang Tsismis? (1981) and Rock & Roll (1981).

Mama Fiel has a lot of fond memories working with the Superstar. Most of them were funfilled moments. I even asked if Ate Guy gave her any headaches during their shoot and she said very seldom but both of them managed to work it out amongst themselves. Mama Fiel started spilling the beans when she told us how much the Superstar hated rehearsing her dance numbers, then Ate Guy retaliated by saying how awkward she felt when she's dancing. During the last shooting day for Bongga Ka Day! in Olongapo they were supposed to film the last dance sequence when Ate Guy complained of a stomach ache and told everyone she couldn't dance. So direk Maryo packed up the set and the entire cast and crew decided to go out and drink. At about midnight, Ate Guy felt better and told Mama Fiel to let direk Maryo know that she's ready to shoot. They asked her why now? She told them Nakakahiya naman kay Nacy (Nocum), the film's producer last shooting day na di ba? With the entire cast drunk, they proceeded and shot the final dance sequence. I asked if it was the Cha-cha number where Ate Guy was wearing the red dress and Mama Fiel winked at me. So there...

Sunday, July 30, 2006


The Superstar was supposed to be the last performer on stage at the event. For some reason, she asked comedian Willie Nepomuceno if she could go ahead of him. Immediately after crooner Anthony Castelo's number, he introduced the Philippines' One And Only Superstar, Ms. Nora Aunor and this diminutive star takes center stage and started singing a medley of her 70's hits. The audience started screaming and running towards the stage. It's like deja vu! I cannot believe I'm experiencing this all over again! I've been a witness to this several times now but it's a totally different one each time. When fans went up the stage while she was singing, Ate Guy the trooper that she is accomodated everyone but was still focused on he number. I really have no idea how she does it. Backstage she was complaining of a toothache but when she started singing, just like magic there she was doing what she does best, performing for the audience.

After her first number, she addressed all the producers to help one another instead of putting each other down. There have been problems with competing shows but Ate Guy really felt bad for the first time event organizers that she wanted everyone to put all their differences aside, that there's a huge audience out there for everyone to share. She then proceeded and sang a heartfet rendition of Saan Ka Man Naroon. Before singing her last number, Ate Guy invited selected fans to join her on stage. It was one riotous moment. They all acted goofy in front of her. She then thanked the producers of the show, me, Leonel and Marlon. I was standing on the side of the stage, Ate Guy went completely blank and forgot my name! But she remembered it right away, after someone yelled it out. For her finale, she sang her Annie Batungbakal Medley. She joined the audience and once again, like moths to a flame everyone rushed to her side to take pictures and give her hugs and kisses. Vincent Nebrida told me after the performance that the entire place came to life the moment Nora Aunor stepped on stage. Most of the people I talked with complimented the Superstar on how great she looks. Ate Guy has never been better! Watch out she's about to surprise her followers once again!

Saturday, July 29, 2006


After dropping her off at their hotel in downtown Manhattan, Ate Guy asked Leonel and I to have lunch with them the following day. We both took off from work yesterday and met with them around noon. While walking on the way to their hotel I texted her business manager, to let them know that we were just a block away. It was quite a tiring walk what with the sweltering heat. We sat at the hotel lobby and in a matter of minutes there they were stepping out of the elevator. The Superstar was in high spirits that afternoon. She never ceases to amaze me. We asked her what she wanted to eat and said Japanese na lang. Since we were along Park Avenue, Leonel recommended this exquisite Japanese Restaurant on 32nd St. I walked with Ate Guy while Leonel was talking with Kuya Norie.

While seated comfortably at the restaurant, Ate Guy called Albert Sunga, her closet confidante and a trusted friend. While the theree of us were ordering, by the way she had Shrimp Teriyaki, the Superstar handed me her phone, I spoke to Albert and he told me how envious he was, then I gave the phone back to her and she proceeded with her conversation. After a couple of minutes she gave it to Leonel. They talked for a short while then handed it back to her. As we were having lunch, Ate Guy said she hopes people would come in droves for tomorrow's event to help the organizers. She knows how difficult it is to put up a show like this one especially for first time producers. After lunch we walked along Park Avenue and took more pictures. It seemed like I wasn't spending time with a Superstar. She treats us like family. But I'm still trying to get her to sign my poster of Andrea, Paano Ba Ang Maging Isang Ina? (MRN Films, 1990). She said she'll think about it...

Thursday, July 27, 2006


We had quite a hectic day. Finally, the Superstar arrived in the Big Apple at 6:50pm from Las Vegas. According to her manager General Norie Sayo, their flight was delayed by almost two hours. Leonel, Marlon and I weren't able to meet them at the John F. Kennedy Airport, they were expecting us to be there but it was impossible for us to be there... we were all coming from work. General told us to meet them at the Perlas Ng Silangan Restaurant in Woodside, Queens where they will be having dinner. So we took the LIRR (Long Island Railroad) to Woodside which only took us about fifteen minutes and the three of us joined Ate Guy along with the producers of the show for a sumptuous dinner prepared by Nell Castelvi the owner of Perlas Ng Silangan. After about half an hour of meeting with the event organizers and more picture taking, we all hopped in the van and took Ate Guy to the hotel.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Conversations With Ricky Lo
The Philippine Star July 20, 2006

How did I stumble upon Nora Aunor, a.k.a. Ate Guy, the Superstar left in virtual limbo by an incident at the LAX (Los Angeles Airport) last year when she was caught allegedly with shabu and accompanying paraphernalia? She’s supposed to be scarce, isn’t she, "hiding" from (especially) media guys from Manila? Did she simply drop from the sky, like a "scoop" aching to come out, a story nagging to be told?

Yes, she did – "drop from the sky," that is. Figuratively speaking.

I was in L.A. last month for the press junket for Walt Disney Pictures’ Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (starring again the winning triumvirate of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley; which scored the highest opening weekend gross in the US) when I got a text message from Albert Sunga (then vacationing in Manila), president of a Nora Aunor Fans Club in San Francisco, asking if he could get my e-mail and cellphone number for his idol. By all means, I told Albert who said "Good!" when he learned that I was in L.A.

Barely three minutes after I texted my e-mail/cellphone number to Albert, including the landline of the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel where the invited journalists were billeted, I got a call from – you guessed it – Ate Guy herself. It was 3 o’clock in the "jet-lagged" morning for me, and Ate Guy and I set a pictorial/interview two days later "somewhere in Burbank," she said, where she’s staying.

We met not at her home but at a restaurant so noisy that we had to do the interview (both for

The STAR and GMA 7’s Showbiz Stripped) outside. Ate Guy was accompanied by a female friend. When I wondered where her manager/bosom buddy Norie Sayo was, Ate Guy said she was in San Francisco and promptly contacted Norie on her cellphone and passed it on to me. (It was Norie who furnished Conversations Ate Guy’s two photos, above and right.)

Did I find Ate Guy "guilty" as charged? Did she look, according to persistent nasty rumors, "impoverished" and "homeless," reduced to asking money from fans and friends out there? Did she sound, well, "depressed"?

Not the type who would judge anybody, I’d rather that you hear Ate Guy’s own story, direct from her.

What is your present status? Were you sentenced by the court?

"’Yung mga
lawyers ko, pinasok ako sa program, okay? I want to make it clear that no, there’s no sentence. They just entered me into the program for meetings and counseling, good for one year. After one year, parang walang nangyari."

So you’re not on probation?

"No, I’m not. What’s not nice about my status is that I cannot have a show outside of L.A. I cannot go out of L.A. within the period of one year. But what’s good about it naman is that after the one-year program/counseling, wala nang kaso, as if nothing happened. But then, I can’t just sit idle and not work. My lawyers thought of a compromise by which I can go out of L.A., so the court agreed to change the program."

Did you plead guilty?

"I did under the new program. But it doesn’t mean that just because you plead guilty ay under sentence ka na."

Was it part of a plea bargaining?

"Yes, it is. The ones who made that decision were my lawyers."

What happens under the new program?

"I have a meeting every day, six times a week, and have counseling. The meeting usually lasts about one hour. There’s also a drug test twice a week. I’ve been ‘negative’ since the drug test started; all the tests were negative. The only problem is that I can’t find work because not all producers naman are based in L.A. How can I survive if I don’t work?"

So can you now travel out of L.A.?

"Yes, I can on the condition that the program would be extended to 18 months instead of just one year. It will be over by October next year."

Are you now free to move around California or other parts of the US?

"Yes, I am. But I can’t go home to the Philippines until after the program is completed."

Do you have any scheduled concerts?

"On Aug. 5, I will have a concert in Chicago with John (Rendez, her special friend) and Willie Nepomuceno."

So John is with you.

"Yes, he’s here."

You two are okay naman?

"Oh yes. We help each other. Nagtutulungan pa naman kami. Whatever the tsismis are, we just ignore them."

Like what tsismis?

let’s just forget them! Hayaan na lang natin."

Well, I’m glad that you and John are okay.

"Basta, as I’ve said we are helping each other. When nobody is available, he drives. Basta, let’s not mind the tsismis about John. Let’s just hope that he can find a job and get a chance to show and share his talent with the people."

Any other concerts?

"On Sept. 8 in San Diego, Sept. 16 in Washington and Oct. 7 in Boston."

No restrictions (mga bawal) under the new program?

"None, as long as I’m not doing anything wrong, anything against the law."

You’re a holder of an extraordinary-ability visa, aren’t you?


greencard ka na ba?

"Hmmmm. I’m still thinking about it."

How long have you been in the US?

"Two years."

When you came, was it for vacation, for a concert or for a longer (if not permanent) stay?

"For a concert tour with Kuh (Ledesma), Power of Two. I intended to stay longer because I was confused with what was happening back home. The (2004) elections were just over at ang gulo sa atin noon."

If that airport incident didn’t happen, do you think you’d be in the Philippines now?

"I don’t think so. I think I’d still be in the US."

Were incidents following the elections too painful for you?

"Not really, but then... Let’s not talk about it na lang."

Everybody knows that you campaigned for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
When that airport incident happened, didn’t you ask help from her?

Actually, nagpahatid ng balita na susuporta sila; they sent word that they’d be helping me. But it never happened. It was only lately that the Philippine Consul here in L.A. had a meeting with me. May naitulong naman; there was a little help. He told me that that help came from Manila."

What sort of support, moral or financial?

. Financial ng konti. It’s okay, basta’t galing sa kanila. Whatever support it is, as long as it comes from them, it’s okay."

During your two years here, how many concerts have you had?

"A lot. I think more than 20 already. Wait, maybe less than that. With Kuh alone, I did 10."

And you even did a movie, Care Home (which is about caregivers, directed by Suzette Ranillo who also stars in it; together with US-based Filipino actresses Rebecca, Suzette’s mom Gloria Sevilla, Divina Valencia and her son Dranreb).

"Actually, what we agreed upon was not a movie but a teleserye. It was done in digital and I shot for only three days. They told me that it would be shown just once on GMA 7. So when I heard that they made it into a movie, I called their attention. I got worried when I heard that they’d show it in movie houses. You know, kung pang-TV ang usapan, dapat sa TV lang talaga. If it’s for TV, why show it in a movie house?"

What else are you busy with?

"I also did a project for the same group, initially called Bea but they changed it to Ingrata. We have one more taping day to go. I think they plan to show it as a movie."

What is Ingrata about?

"It’s the story of a Filipina, my character, married to a man who gives her nothing but headaches and troubles."

How has your life been in general?

"Well, I’m based here in L.A. In the beginning, it was hard because I don’t have relatives here. I have a sister (Tita Aunor, widow of actor Arnold Mendoza) but she’s in San Diego. It’s difficult, talagang mahirap, but as you go along you learn many things. Actually, I look at what happened to me as a blessing in disguise. I think God is trying to send me a message."

Trying to, you know, wake you up?

"Not only that. You know, sometimes nakakalimot tayo, so kailangang bumalik na tayo sa Kanya."

As an ordinary citizen, do you go around freely – you know, unlike in the Philippines where you can’t go anywhere without feeling that your every move is being monitored?

"When I was new here, somebody saw me take the train. Before I knew it, word spread around na si Nora Aunor nagtri-train na lang. What’s wrong with that? Especially in America where nobody minds anybody. You know, walang pakialaman. I can do here what I cannot do in the Philippines, like going to the grocery, eating anywhere I want to. Kahit anong suot mo, wala silang pakialam."

There are other rumors... That you’re hard up, moving from one friend/fan’s house to another, that you’re asking money from your fans/friends.

"Well, the same old tsismis about me in the Philippines. You can’t stop people from talking, can you? Hindi ko na lang pinapansin. Why would I let myself be bothered by those tsismis? At least here, I drive, I have my own car."

What are your daily activities when you’re not busy with concerts and tapings?

"A lot. There are some projects which I cannot reveal just yet. Kitchie (Benedicto) and I have plans but I can’t discuss them yet. (Kitchie is the producer of John En Shirley, the new ABS-CBN sitcom premiering on Saturday, July 29, starring Dolphy, Susan Roces and Maricel Soriano, directed by Bert de Leon. – RFL)."

Are you in touch with your fans and friends here?

"Yeah. Nakakausap ko sila. We get in touch every now and then. My fans in San Francisco, headed by Albert Sunga, have formed an organization."

What are your plans especially after October next year when the "program" is over?

"I still don’t know. My immediate plan is to save. I have to work, so I can save. I don’t want to go back home empty-handed. I know that because of what happened – and I’m not only referring to the L.A. airport incident – some people have lost their respect on me. You know, ‘yung sa politics..."

How do Filipinos here react to your case/situation?

"Many of them want to help me. I don’t want people to pity me but I appreciate their sympathy."

What do you miss about home?

"I miss my children – si Lotlot, si Ian, si Matet. The other day, I talked to Matet on the phone. She passed the phone to her child and I heard the kid say, ‘Ma Guy! Ma Guy!’ Ang sarap ng pakiramdam; it felt good. I’m happy for Matet. Since she got married (to basketball player Mickey Estrada), ang laki ng ipinagbago niya; she has changed for the better. She used to be pasaway (troublesome), di ba? Matet always sends me text messages. On my birthday last May (21), she greeted me, she wanted to find out how I was doing. She and her family are leaving for Norway."

What about Lotlot (separated from Ramon Christopher by whom she has four children) and Ian (who, with his family, is staying in a house annexed to that of his father, Christopher de Leon, and his family in ParaƱaque City)?

"We keep in touch."

Do you have any regrets – you know, about going into politics, breaking ties with Erap (President Joseph Estrada) and campaigning for PGMA?

"None. When I did all that, I did so with all my heart; taos sa puso ang ginawa ko. Whatever happened to them and to me, wala akong dapat pagsisihan, I don’t have any reason to regret, because it was I and I alone who made the decision. And whatever had happened to me here in the States, I leave it all to God. Maybe He is testing me again; sinusubukan Niya siguro ako."

You do sound like a changed woman.

"You know, unlike before, everytime I have a concert, like the one I did in San Francisco produced by the Divine Mercy group, I include at least one Gospel song. Like ‘yung Raise Me Up."

What’s the best lesson that you learned from all this?

"Huwag kalilimutan ang nasa Itaas.
Don’t forget God."

Monday, July 17, 2006

SUPERSTARSTRUCK! Superstar Super Scenes Part Two

Here's the second part to my ongoing appreciation of Nora Aunor's thespic abilities. Who can forget Milagros Cruz? A nurse working in the US for hopes of a better future but has an aching desire to continue with her life back home. In Gil Portes' 'Merika (Adrian Films, 1984), the opening scene tells it all. From waking up early in the morning in the dead of winter, Mila goes through her daily routine before going to work. She gets out of bed, shivers a bit and stares at a blank space in her apartment. A perfect beginning to an otherwise affecting little film.

Next is the Manila Zoo childbirth scene in Mario O'Hara's critically acclaimed Bulaklak Sa City Jail (Cherubim Films, 1984). It may be a bit too stagy at times but who would not feel for Angela Aguilar's plight in fighting the right to keep her child? She was repeatedly begging for compassion... that face, those eyes, they truly say a thousand words!

Then there's Ruth, a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage living with her domineering adoptive mother in Maryo J. de los Reyes' underrated film Minsan, May Isang Ina (Regal Films, 1983). After an accidental meeting with her estranged boyfriend (Herbert Corpuz) and discovering his almost perfect married life, Ruth rushes home, deeply affected by it all goes to her room and unleashes all of her pent up emotions leading to a devastating breakdown. The hurt, the palpable anguish, it's all in that face... brilliant... just brilliant!

Sunday, July 16, 2006


The country's longest running Sunday night variety show celebrated its 22nd year anniversay at the Araneta Coliseum. Joining the triumvate of Nora, Kuya Germas and Jograd were well wishers Gary Valenciano, Celeste Legaspi, Janet Basco, Ivy Violan, Lotlot and Ramon Christopher. The presentation was filled with fantasctic production numbers including a grand Kundiman Medley staged by Tony Espejo as performed by the Superstar and Celeste Legaspi. The evening's highlight was a song number with two of her most popular leading men Tirso Cruz III and Victor Laurel singing the Barbra Sterisand/NeilDiamond duet You Don't Bring Me Flowers. Inspite of endless cancellation rumors due to poor ratings, the show managed to last twenty seven straight years on the air. Variety shows come and go but there will only be one Superstar.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The SUPERSTAR Live In New York!

The Philippines' One And Only Supertstar Nora Aunor will be headlining Showbiz Festival 2006 on July 29th at the Roone Arledge Auditorium of Columbia University in New York. The event also billed as Ang Himig Natin will also feature Boots Anson Roa, Anthony Castelo, Willie Nepomuceno and Bernardo Bernardo. For tickets you can call 201-993-1365 and 914-433-9344

See you all there!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The SUPERSTAR's 32nd Birthday Celebration

When Nora Aunor celebrated her 32nd Birthday on her Sunday variety show Superstar, it was one of theose extraordinary episodes. It was the only night when instead of having a barrage of well wishers, the show invited some of the Superstar's closest friends and gave her a roast. First on board was direk Maryto J. de los Reyes, who told stories of how Nora in a whim sends him plane ticket to join her in Hongkong. he also mentioned bits and pieces of Nora's ever changing mind when it comes to buying a house. next up was Inday Badiday who told her personal experience when they were in the US to film A Gift Of Love. There was also Kitchie Benedicto who shared stories of taping her Superstar Show inside the Sampaguita Studios lot in the early '70's, at a time when Nora wasn't allowed to go out of the premises. The Superstar's personal secretary Andy Biag was also at the roast and shared his experiences of working up close and personal with Nora. Last up was Kuya Germs. he talked about the trials and difficulties he underwent with Nora all those years. The triumvate of Tito, Vic and Joey also graced the show along with Pop Diva Kuh Ledesma. Baby K. Jimenez also dropped by to promote her book Ang True Story Ni Guy. All in all it was one unforgettable evening of revelations, untold stories and some kept secrets about Nora's life as a Superstar.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


In late 1979, Nora Aunor finally got the rights to make a movie based on the hit song by Hotdog. Annie Batungbakal was the Superstar's first foray into the world of disco dancing. Unlike her arch rival Vilma Santos, Nora was never known for her dancing abilities, she could move alright but not along Vilma's league. Everyone thought it was not the right move, after all her movie will be shown a month after Rock, Baby, Rock! (LEA Productions) which was a box office and critical disappointment. With her head up high, the Superstar braved the negative buzz surrounding Annie Batungbakal and despite a typhoon which flooded the streets of Manila, her fans flocked to the theaters and made the film a box office success. To the dismay of her ardent followers, the movie only had a couple of dance sequences showing Nora's dancing abilities. The following year, the same team who created Annie Batungbakal shot Bonnga Ka Day! for Associated Entertainment Corporation. Contrary to public knowledge, the movie was not a sequel to Annie Batungbakal. It featured a group of college students touring different parts of the Philippines with their own brand of entertainment. Since most of the Superstar's detractors thought that they will never see Nora in a number of dance sequences, everyone was surprised to see an abundance of scenes showcasing the Superstar's inherent dancing talents. With the help and guidance of famed choreographer Geleen Eugenio, Nora Aunor shined in all those scenes. My personal favorite would be Eddie Mukhang Surot, a 50's Rock & Roll dance number. Unlike Annie Batungbakal which was a film rich in character, Bongga Ka Day! was lacking the plot twists and turns that makes a movie interesting. It was just all dancing and singing. Once again, Nora Aunor never fails to re-invent herself. When the entire showbiz world thought she could never dance, she proved them wrong. Her appearance in these two films are proof of her versatility as a performer.

Monday, July 03, 2006

A Review Of Lino Brocka's BONA



As Published In The New York Times September 19, 1984

BONA loves Gardo. Gardo loves Gardo. Gardo loves going to bed with almost any woman he can attract. Once - apparently in the absence of anyone better - he even takes Bona to bed, but by the next morning, the matter seems to have slipped his mind.

Bona is a grave-looking woman who drops out of school to pursue her crush on the narcissistic Gardo by moving in with him, more as a servant than anything else. Gardo, in the estimation of Bona's enraged father, is either a second- or third-rate actor in Philippine action movies.

Bona (Nora Aunor) and Gardo (Philip Salvador) are the central figures in ''Bona,'' a film from the Philippines directed by Lino Brocka, whose publicity describes him as a prolific film maker and likens him to Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Prolific he may be, but, while technically unobjectionable, ''Bona,'' which opens today at the Film Forum, fails to shed much light on the wellsprings of Bona's obsessive love for Gardo. A young woman's attraction and devotion to a sleazily handsome actor are understandable, and so at first it not surprising that Bona is willing to fetch water so that Gardo can have warm baths; that she scrubs his floors and mends his clothes and cooks for him in the house they share in a poor neighborhood.

But right from the start, it is also clear that Gardo is not exactly a flawless jewel of humanity: he is beaten up by the relatives of one of his women; he is a drunk; he brings home an assortment of other women; he disappears for extended periods; he leaves it to Bona to arrange an abortion for one of his lovers, and finally - after Bona has been essentially disowned by her family - Gardo informs her that he is selling the house they share and going off with another woman.

About five minutes of Gardo would be enough to make most people explode. But it takes Bona about 90 minutes. And since she seems reasonably intelligent and sensitive and is alert from the outset to Gardo's slights, the writing and direction of ''Bona'' must be faulted for failing to supply dramatically valid explanations for her patience.

''Bona'' is chiefly interesting as an example of Philippine film making and for its glimpses of life in the neighborhood where Bona and Gardo live.

Philippine Glimpses

BONA, directed by Lino Brocka; screenplay (Tagalog with English subtitles) by Cenen Ramones; photographed by Conrado Balthazar; produced by Nora Villamayor. At the Film Forum, 57 Watts Street. Running time: 90 minutes. This film has no rating.

Bona . . . . . Nora Aunor
Gardo . . . . . Philip Salvador
Bona's Father . . . . . Rustica Carpio
Bona's Mother . . . . . Venchito Galvez
Katrina . . . . . Marissa Delgado

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Consumed with a passionate desire to further her artistry, the Superstar braved the waters and took center stage in the Philippine Educational Theater Association's (PETA) production of Minsa'y Isang Gamu-Gamo in 1991. With the success of her first foray into the world of stage Nora Aunor ventired into a riskier endeavor, touring different parts of the globe with D.H. (Domestic Helper, 1993). A play written by Award-Winning Writer Ricardo Lee and helmed by famed theater director Soxy Topacio. The play opened to wide acclaim in Manila and Filipinos from around the world caught a glimpse of La Aunor's artistry.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


In one of her rare TV appearances, Nora Aunor guested in the 10th Anniversary Special of Lovingly Yours, Helen in an episode entitled Bugbog Na Dangal written by Gina Marissa Tagasa and directed by Mario O'Hara. The Superstar was paired once again with perrenial love team Tirso Cruz III. Also in the cast are Connie Angeles, Esther Chavez, Mervyn Samson, Ruben Rustia, Monossi Mempin and Atong Redillas. This was the only time Nora Aunor appeared in Lovingly Yours, I remember watching this episode on TV immediately following GMA Supershow.