Tuesday, July 04, 2006


In late 1979, Nora Aunor finally got the rights to make a movie based on the hit song by Hotdog. Annie Batungbakal was the Superstar's first foray into the world of disco dancing. Unlike her arch rival Vilma Santos, Nora was never known for her dancing abilities, she could move alright but not along Vilma's league. Everyone thought it was not the right move, after all her movie will be shown a month after Rock, Baby, Rock! (LEA Productions) which was a box office and critical disappointment. With her head up high, the Superstar braved the negative buzz surrounding Annie Batungbakal and despite a typhoon which flooded the streets of Manila, her fans flocked to the theaters and made the film a box office success. To the dismay of her ardent followers, the movie only had a couple of dance sequences showing Nora's dancing abilities. The following year, the same team who created Annie Batungbakal shot Bonnga Ka Day! for Associated Entertainment Corporation. Contrary to public knowledge, the movie was not a sequel to Annie Batungbakal. It featured a group of college students touring different parts of the Philippines with their own brand of entertainment. Since most of the Superstar's detractors thought that they will never see Nora in a number of dance sequences, everyone was surprised to see an abundance of scenes showcasing the Superstar's inherent dancing talents. With the help and guidance of famed choreographer Geleen Eugenio, Nora Aunor shined in all those scenes. My personal favorite would be Eddie Mukhang Surot, a 50's Rock & Roll dance number. Unlike Annie Batungbakal which was a film rich in character, Bongga Ka Day! was lacking the plot twists and turns that makes a movie interesting. It was just all dancing and singing. Once again, Nora Aunor never fails to re-invent herself. When the entire showbiz world thought she could never dance, she proved them wrong. Her appearance in these two films are proof of her versatility as a performer.