Sunday, July 30, 2006


The Superstar was supposed to be the last performer on stage at the event. For some reason, she asked comedian Willie Nepomuceno if she could go ahead of him. Immediately after crooner Anthony Castelo's number, he introduced the Philippines' One And Only Superstar, Ms. Nora Aunor and this diminutive star takes center stage and started singing a medley of her 70's hits. The audience started screaming and running towards the stage. It's like deja vu! I cannot believe I'm experiencing this all over again! I've been a witness to this several times now but it's a totally different one each time. When fans went up the stage while she was singing, Ate Guy the trooper that she is accomodated everyone but was still focused on he number. I really have no idea how she does it. Backstage she was complaining of a toothache but when she started singing, just like magic there she was doing what she does best, performing for the audience.

After her first number, she addressed all the producers to help one another instead of putting each other down. There have been problems with competing shows but Ate Guy really felt bad for the first time event organizers that she wanted everyone to put all their differences aside, that there's a huge audience out there for everyone to share. She then proceeded and sang a heartfet rendition of Saan Ka Man Naroon. Before singing her last number, Ate Guy invited selected fans to join her on stage. It was one riotous moment. They all acted goofy in front of her. She then thanked the producers of the show, me, Leonel and Marlon. I was standing on the side of the stage, Ate Guy went completely blank and forgot my name! But she remembered it right away, after someone yelled it out. For her finale, she sang her Annie Batungbakal Medley. She joined the audience and once again, like moths to a flame everyone rushed to her side to take pictures and give her hugs and kisses. Vincent Nebrida told me after the performance that the entire place came to life the moment Nora Aunor stepped on stage. Most of the people I talked with complimented the Superstar on how great she looks. Ate Guy has never been better! Watch out she's about to surprise her followers once again!