Wednesday, December 06, 2006

During the almost two hour autograph signing after the show, a fan gave Ate Guy a gold chain. I was surprised by the gesture. She just placed the necklace around Ate Guy's neck . In the numerous times, I've been in the same situation, something extraordinary always happens. Ate Guy thanked the fan and gave her a big hug. She even showed me the necklace hence the photo. The elderly woman behind me whispered, Tingnan mo, ang ganda ng kuwintas na ibinigay kay Nora! to which I responded, Opo nga eh! She even asked me Magkano ang ibinabayad ni Nora sa 'yo? I smiled and simply said, Ginagawa ko po ito dahil sa pagmamahal ko kay Ate Guy! She said Ang suwerte mo naman! I then told her Talaga po! After our short conversation, I took her to Ate Guy so she can sign her CD's and have her picture taken with the Superstar.