Monday, December 04, 2006


Since Christmas is just around the corner, during last Saturday's concert Ate Guy was asked to sing Pasko Na, Sinta Ko which was not included in her repertoire. While getting ready for her next set, the show's musical director General Norie Sayo told me to inform Ate Guy about the number, she said she doesn't know the lyrics to the song, General asked me to write it for her. Next thing I knew, there I was backstage, writing the lyrics to Pasko Na, Sinta Ko so Ate Guy can sing it. While she was singing the song with my hand written lyrics in tow, we were all in tears. Ate Guy just sang it with so much longing... we all felt the loneliness in her voice. Her performance almost brought the house down. After the number, she kept on apologizing for not memorizing the lyrics, she probably forgot that it was an impromptu number. This was actually the first time I saw her in a show by herself, and I'm still enthralled by this truly gifted and amazing performer.