Saturday, December 09, 2006

Minutes before the show, Ate Guy's business manager Norie Sayo gave her specific instructions to do a spiel first instead of singing her opening number so she can warm up the audience. This was the very first time I saw the Superstar perform all by herself. Unlike her previous engagements where she would have Fe de los Reyes, Bernardo Bernardo and Leonard Obal to perform the comic routine, Ate Guy had to do it all. She was nervous at first. After wishing her goodluck, we left the Superstar inside the dressing room as she prayed. Afterwhich, I handed her the microphone as she took center stage.


pauljames said...

Nora looks stunning and elegant in this photo which is a rarity due to her preference not to wear any make up and constant wearing of rugged shirts/jeans most of the time. In which concert was this photo taken? How will she celebrate Christmas this year? Are there any significant movies planned for next year?

Jojo Devera said...

hi pauljames!

this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago during her show in Baltimore. Ate Guy will be here this weekend to headline a benefit show for the victims of typhoon Reming in Bicol. she'll probably be spending Christmas in Las Vegas then on the 27th, a concert in Fresno. there are plans for a movie but i cannot talk about it just yet.