Wednesday, August 23, 2006


In this edition of Superstar Superscenes, I've chosen to feature three of the Superstar's successful commercial films. These movies may not be in the same league as her great ones but they still showcased La Aunor at her finest.

First is a musical number from Mario O'Hara's Kastilyong Buhangin (Lotus Films, 1980). In this scene Nora plays Laura, a struggling singer on the verge of stardom as she performs the song Corner Of The Sky from the Musical Pippin. She sang the song with so much gusto and the result is one of the most memorable song numbers ever shot on film.

Next is from the box office hit Beloved (Viva Films, 1985) directed by Leroy Salvador. After learning the truth about her long time boyfriend Dindo's (Christopher de Leon) affair with her best friend Reneee (Hilda Koronel), Adora Bernal (Nora Aunor), unable to accept the infedility caused by the man she loves, unleashes the hurt and finally breaks down. A poignant scene, indeed!

The opening seqeunce in Lino Brocka's 1981 comedy Dalaga Si Misis, Binata Si Mister (PLG Films, International) has Singing Superstar Doria Navarro (Nora Aunor) belting out a medley of George Canseco hits. I can't help but be moved by this scene... she truly sings from the heart.


pauljames said...

From the 3 films that you have mentioned I only saw the movie "Beloved". How I wish those 2 other films will be released in cd or dvd. The way you describe how Nora sang from the heart excites me to watch her perform over and over again. I can still remember when i was mesmerized by the sheer grandeur Nora delivered on television when she sang "The Greatest Performance Medley" during the 1991 Star Awards for movies. I kept a news article about that superb performance which garnered a standing ovation. Nora can surprise anybody especially when she is truly motivated.Her golden voice and acting prowess make her indeed deserving of the title "Superstar"!!!!

jeremiah said...

On the 3 movies you mentioned, its only Dalaga si Misis that i missed to see. Yeah, Guy was really moving on those two musical scenes...Feel na feel, those were truly 2 in 1 scenes - an Actress and a singer in her two greatest performances as a multi-talented artist.

Jojo Devera said...

it's so unfortunate that none of these films are available in any video format. i've seen the Superstar perform live at concerts and she still manages to touch my heart with every song she sings. Ate Guy does it best in these two films but it's in Laurice Guillen's Kung Ako'y Iiwan Mo where she played the ultimate role of a singer... classy and sophisticated.