Monday, August 07, 2006


First it was Victor Wood in As Long As There's Music (1974), followed by Rico J. Puno in Disco Baby (1977) then later the same year the Superstar co-starred with the original Kilabot Ng Mga Kolehiyala, Hajji Alejandro in Panakip-Butas, based on a hit song pupularized by the singer in the mid 70's. I remember watching the movie at Cinema 21 in Cubao with my uncle. During the screening there were lots of young women seated at the theater's balcony section swooning over Hajji, but I was there mainly to see the Superstar. Trixia Gomez and Brenda del Rio played his girlfriends while Sandy Garcia was his trusted confidante. Once again, Nora Aunor's comedic talents are on full display here. She's one of those actresses who can be highly effective in comic situations. There was also an abundance of song numbers here. Since Hajji played the role of a singer, all he did in the movie was sing his heart out. There was very little acting involved here. Even the Superstar gets to sing a couple of songs like Minahal Kita, a tagalog version of What I Did For Love and Iniibig Kita, both songs were from her album of the same title. As far as I know, Hajji Alejandro never made a movie after Panakip-Butas. This Regal produced movie was directed by Romy Suzara from a script by Toto Belano. It's one of those films where a fast rising singer tries his hand at making movies and is paired with a hugely popular actress. It may not have created the same following as the Superstar's team-up with Rico J. Puno but Panakip-Butas will always be remembered as the film that launched Hajji Alejandro's movie career.