Friday, August 11, 2006


This Thank You Card was given to me by Ate Guy a couple of years ago after her Virginia Beach stint with Pop Diva Kuh Ledesma during the second leg of their Power Of TwoUS Concert Series. Leonel, Marlon, Ray, Mario and myself all went to show our love and support for the Superstar. For me, it's truly one of those memorable experiences I shared with Ate Guy. The show needed a lot more help this time around. I eneded up taking control of the teleprompter while Leonel and Vonnel sang back-up with Fe de los Reyes. I was stationed at the coldest area of the stage and due to to excessive exhaustion, I got sick that night after the concert. Everyone went out to celebrate but I opted to stay in the hotel. As I tried to catch a bit of rest, I heard Ate Guy knocking at our room. I got up and opened the door for her. She had alcohol, a towellette, bottled water and Tylenol on hand. I cannot belive this is happening. The Superstar was taking care of me. She wiped my face with alcohol, tucked me in and never left my sight until I fell to sleep. I was just awakened by everyone when they got back from dinner. I told them what Ate Guy did and Albert told me Ginamot ka ni Elsa! It may be true. But the fact still remains that Nora Aunor nursed me to back to health. The next day as we prepared to drive back home, she told me to take good care of myself and asked Albert to give each of us a personalized Thank You Card from the Superstar. While on the road, Ate Guy texted us an emotional thank you. She apologized for not personally saying goodbye to all of us because she didn't want to see us leave. We all understood how she felt. That was the last time we saw the Superstar but we still kept in constant contact with her.


pauljames said...

You have revealed through your own experience the kindness of Nora which is real and heartfelt. It's a pity that she has been judged unfairly by some.

Jojo Devera said...

She is indeed one of a kind! I'm glad it was Nora Aunor that I adored and loved all these years. Most stars come and go but there will always be one Superstar.