Monday, June 26, 2006

SUPERSTARSTRUCK! Superstar Superscenes

In Lino Brocka's Ina Ka Ng Anak Mo (Movie Masters, 1979) Esther (Nora Aunor) upon realization of her mother Renata's (Lolita Rodriguez) infidelity with her husband Luis (Raul Aragon), quietly breaks into hysterics and releases a gamut of emotions. Ably guided by her director, Nora's performance didn't border on histrionics alone, as she utters the words Hayup... hayup! with much disgust, it was a real and heartfelt performance definitely one of her best!

Next is a similar scene from Nakaw Na Pag-Ibig (Associated Entertainment Corporation, 1980). In her second film with Lino Brocka, Nora plays Corazon, a woman madly in love with Robert (Phillip Salvador). When Corazon discovers that Robert has plans of getting rid of her by pushing her off a cliff, she suddenly had mixed feelings about the whole thing. Without uttering a single word, her emotions shift from excitement to confusion registered in one facial expression, the mark of an extraordinary actress, truly amazing!

Nora Aunor plays Auring in the Mario O'Hara dramedy Tatlong Ina, Isang Anak (NCV Films, 1987). While on the run from the men who are trying to kill her she stumbles upon Nonoy (Miguel Rodriguez) and tries to get away from his clutches. As she walks out on him, lightning strikes a tree and she is suddenly reminded of the tragic death of her family. In full display is Nora's dramatic abilities as she begs for the lives of the members of her family, an engaging scene indeed!