Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Vicor Music recently released a three-CD set of songs recorded by the Superstar comprised of choice cuts from different albums. Most of these recordings have not been heard in years, unless you're a huge fan and kept all the old long playing albums. When I found out about this release, I asked my friend in Manila to buy me a copy and ship it to me right away. As soon as I received the package the very first song I listened to was Luha At Halakhak, a song the late great composer George Canseco wrote especially for the Superstar. Her rendition of the song is so heartfelt, it still sends chills up to my spine whenever I hear it. It's such a sad song, and she sang it with so much emotion. I remember it being released as a 45 rpm single by Blackgold Records and the flipside was Kastilyong Buhangin. The compilation also included the entire Lady Guy album which she produced under her own NV Records but was released and marketed by Vicor, also selections from her album with estranged husband Christopher de Leon aptly titled In Love. Unfortunately none of their duets were included in the set, oh well.. There were songs from Iniibig Kita, Noon At Ngayon and Ms. Nora Aunor. This is a must buy for all Noranians. All of the Superstar's recorded songs are loaded in my ipod video. The aptly titled Superstar three-CD collection is available at www.kabayancentral.com and at www.shop.regalfilms.com