Sunday, June 25, 2006


A couple of years back, when it was announced that the Superstar will be touring the US with Pop Diva Kuh Ledesma for the POWER OF 2 Concert Series, we were all ecstatic about the news that I flew to San Francisco to witness the first leg of the show. We arrived the night of Ate Guy's birthday and was told to go straight to their hotel for the usual asalto. She wasn't able to accomodate us, we were told that the Suuperstar wasn't feeling well. The following day, there were again at the lobby of her hotel. Ate Guy was on her way to rehearse with the band, and there she was, right in front of me, I was starstruck! It's not like I haven't seen her before but it's been such a long time! I asked her if I could have my picture taken with her and she gladly obliged. I have a lot more stiories to tell but in the meantime, here's said photo...