Sunday, January 14, 2007


The recent VCD release of Superstar Nora Aunor's acclaimed entry to the 1978 Metro Manila Film Festival Atsay was a huge disappointment. The original theatrical release runs at 2 hours and 31 minutes while the VCD was just a little over two hours. I was surprised to find out that Solar Entertainment edited the film therefore affecting it's narrative. Some very important key scenes are nowhere to be found. It was exciting news for Noranians everywhere when this Eddie Garcia directed film classic is finally released on video. The transfer is less than impressive as well. It doesn't give justice to Romeo Vitug's excellent cinematography. The colors are mostly faded and washed out. This proves the poor state of film preservation in the Philippines. I'm just thankful that I have the complete version of Atsay on VHS so I can savor the Superstar's superlative performance in this film where she was honored with the Best Performer Award.