Sunday, January 28, 2007


Superstar Nora Aunor made TV Drama a household name in the mid 70's when she starred in the weekly drama anthology Ang Makulay Na Daigdig Ni Nora which served as a training ground in honing her acting prowess. In the 80's, the Superstar enthralled us once again with with La Aunor. In the early 90's, she top billed yet another weekly drama anthology, STAR Drama Presents NORA. For an entire season, the Superstar played various roles opposite some of the seasoned performers in Philippine television. In what's probably the show's best episodes Dagok, written by Gina Marissa Tagasa, La Aunor reunites with estranged husband Christopher de Leon where they play Purita and Ernesto, a mentally challenged couple who are both being haunted by a dark past. They meet in a local carinderia and soon after finds solace in each other. The Superstar's brilliance is showcased in a couple of highly dramatic scenes while de Leon matches her fiery performance with much intensity and intelligence. Nora and Christopher may not have the onscreen chemistry he has with erstwhile rival Vilma Santos but what these two have is magic. Their artistic bond is unparalleled. I remember Ate Guy saying Takot si Papa Boyet sa akin... then I asked why and she responded coyly with Akala kasi lagi kong lalamunin sa eksena, to which I said Kasi ho, masyado kayong magaling kaya minsan nago-overacting siya. She then said Oo nga!


pauljames said...

hello jojo!!!

i would just like to tell you that i have recorded this episode in VHS format wayback in 1993. i left it in the philippines along with countless t.v. appearances of nora aunor. one superb episode includes the one with fanny serrano where nora played an "ita" displaced from the pinatubo calamity. i extremely miss nora's presence in the big screen and television. she is predominantly the only reason i watch local t.v. shows and movies in the past. hoping that nora will someday have a spectacular rennaissance!!! her followers both hardcore and passive are just around....waiting for that right moment for nora to initiate a consistent and more focus career revival!!!!

Michael U. Obenieta said...

Amen to that, Paul James. I bet Ms. Nora still has lot of aces up her sleeve. The best is yet to come.