Monday, October 26, 2009

Where Artistic Minds Meet

I haven't posted any new updates on this blog but that doesn't mean I haven't been in touch with the Superstar. When In My Life opened in theaters, I got depressed. Why? Because Vilma Santos has been getting the best reviews of her career and the movie was making a killing at the box office. What about Nora Aunor? I honestly believe she deserves to be in a film worthy of her tremendous acting talent. One night, I received a call from Ate Guy and said that she just got off the phone with Lav Diaz who once more offered his project Reclusion Perpetua to her. I told Ate Guy that was the best news I heard in weeks. Suddenly, my depression was gone. I was ecstatic about the idea of Nora Aunor starring in a film by Lav Diaz. I've always admired his work. From Kriminal Ng Barrio Concepcion to Melancholia. I thought it would be a great idea for these two artists to work together in one movie. After reading the screenplay I suddenly felt that this would be the perfect comeback film for the Superstar. I was constantly on the phone with Ate Guy explaining the importance of making this film. What Direk Lav wanted was for her to commit to the project, which she did in principle after their meeting in LA. We were hoping that the project would awaken the artist in her and after Direk Lav told her the story of Reclusion Perpetua, Ate Guy was convinced. Everyone involved in this project believes that this film would bring back the respect she rightfully deserves. Now is the perfect time to show our love and support for our One and Only Superstar.


Batang Bathalad said...

Hi, Brod Jo: Sana all systems go na ito. Keeping my fingers crossed on this. God bless "Reclusion Perpetua." Malakas ang kutob ko sa pelikulang ito.

Brod MykeO

Michael said...

Hi Jojo, this is great news. Thanks for the update! This is also the best news I've heard in a long while. Can you give us an idea what "Reclusion Perpetua" is about? Any further updates on whether Ate Guy accepted the project? If this project comes together, I hope it will be shown at film festivals abroad, like Lav's other great movies. Best regards. Michael

Batang Bathalad said...

Hi, namesake!

Suffice it to say that "Reclusion Perpetua" is a meditation on the crosscurrents of diaspora and cultural identity in an age of globalization. Let's just pray that this film will finally see the light of day. Rest assured that this has all the makings of a perfect companion piece for Lav's masterpiece, "Batang West Side."
And, yes, this project will make the world take notice once more of Nora Aunor's genius.