Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Ian addressing the fans

It was a monumental event for Noranians. Finally after two years of preparation, The Nora Aunor Website is up and running. Followers of the Superstar can now access everything they wanted to know about Philippine Cinema's Greatest Actress online.

Superkids Matet, Lotlot, Kiko and Ian with son-in-law Mickey Estrada

As always, Ate Guy's children graced the event to show their undying love and support. Also present during the launch was comedian Teri Onor who made a career out of impersonating the Superstar. The event was spearheaded by Uber-Noranians Albert Sunga, Nestor de Guzman and Marlon Antolin. Nora Aunor's 39 Years of Artistry is enough reason for this celebration.

Here's Teri with the kids