Sunday, September 10, 2006


Shortly after the tragic death of famed director and National Artist for Film Lino Brocka in May, 1991, PTV-4 aired a show entitled Pamana Ni Brocka which showcased the late director's best films. Bona (NV Productions, 1980) was featured in the series hosted by Manunuri Mario Hernando, which included video interviews with Superstar Nora Aunor who also produced the critically acclaimed film and her co-stars Phillip Salvador, Marissa Delgado, Raquel Montessa, Nanding Josef and Spanky Manikan. Everyone reminisced about their experiences and the life lessons they all learned from the country's finest filmmaker. When asked what the Superstar learned from working with Brocka, she simply replied Sa pelikula, bawat galaw ng mata mo, may ibig sabihin. Isang kilos ng kamay mo, may ibig sabihin. 'Yun ang natutunan ko sa kanya. A simple answer from a great performer whose talent was greatly enhanced by working with a true actor's director.


pauljames said...

hello jojo!!!

i'm simply amazed with the extensive collection of nora aunor articles,photos,and detailed history as an artist that you have managed to compile all these years!!!when did you first realize that you are a true blooded noranian and what triggered the exceptional adoration?in my personal experience it was her "Himala" performance wayback in 1982 that enchanted me eversince. through ups and downs i've consistently supported and prayed for her. i empathize with Nora if she is hurting and rejoice in times of her phenomenal victories!!!

Jojo Devera said...

hi pauljames!

i had to start collecting and compiling from scratch. most of my collection was in Manila but as i explored different cities here in the US i was able to cross paths with all these rare and hard to find Nora Aunor movies of course with the help of trusted friends as well. I've been a Noranian since I was seven years old. I saw Winter Holiday as a little boy with my parents and since then I've been captivated by this diminutive star. I would come to school with my handy Blue Hawaii Bag with Guy & Pip's picture in it and notebooks with the Superstar on the cover. I also made sure that my mom who's the real Noranian in the family bought me all her records and albums. I watched Superstar religiously on Sunday nights and on Tuesday evenings I'll be glued to the set with Ang Makulay Na Daigdig Ni Nora. I was merely eleven years old when I asked my uncle to accompany me in watching Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos in a second run theater in Antipolo. I've been a devoted Noranian eversince I can remember. but don't get me wrong since I'm a lover of Philippine Cinema I've also watched films that didn't star Ate Guy.